ENJOY 2016

Well it has been quite a while since I created a blog post. So much has happened, but that is for later. Moving forward…

2015’s word of the year was EXPLORE

  • art techniques and tools galore
  • Ashland, OR surrounding environs and of course OSF from April until October (wow)
  • Hawaii in January, Toronto in November and the Queen Mary II, our grand trip in December
  • my first attempt at a video flip thru of my Lifebook artwork

2016’s word of the year is ENJOY

As you can see from the projects listed to the right I have great plans for 2016. As I have two art studios I am blessed. I now have quite the collection of supplies, ranging from Crayola crayons to SENNELIER watercolors, 8.5 x 11 card stock to 18 x 12 watercolor paper, and colors from matte to metallic to pearl to satin to glitter. I am so happy with sparkles and shine in my work.

Journal 52 Week 1