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Hello from sunny Oregon. Today my desk is ready for action.


I will be working on DLP weekly fun with Dyan reavely,s inspiration and products.



both cats are settling in for our summer stay.

check out more sneaky peeks at Julia stamping ground . Apologies for spareNess of text. No keyboard. is challenging.




Good morning all. Welcome to my desk.



As you can see my art director is making sure that I’m staying on track with my DLP projects. This is the beginning of Gelli Plate “a lot on my plate”.  I plan to work on this on the plane later today.

I also wanted to share the completed items from last week’s Lifebook class. I showed you the backgrounds for the 5/10/15 minute challenge and here are the completed works. The first one has a southwestern flair, the second one is so me, and the third is my dark primitive image. (I understand that some people can see a hedgehog here. Hey Marit)

Southwestern style

Southwestern style

Sunshine on my Faces

Sunshine on my Faces

7 Creative Habits

7 Creative Habits

Next week I’ll be posting from Oregon. Until then have a look at other amazing creative desks around the world at Julia’s Stamping Ground.


A gracious good morning fellow crafters. Thanks for stopping by to see what kind of er mess my desk is starting out as today.



Yesterday I started the 15/10/5 challenge for Lifebook . The idea is that we were supposed to be focused on just our art for 15/10/5 minutes. Well that worked well for me, except I essentially finished 3 backgrounds. Pretty good I guess. So today I plan to finish off the details without the stop watch at the ready. I used my newly acquired discontinued Adirondack acrylic paint dabbers and my Neocolor II crayons on three different substrates. From the left:

  • 15: Watercolor paper with earthtone colors listening to Epic soundtracks. Very dark for me. But as I worked a strange face emerged. I have been binge watching Supernatural lately, so this is no surprise. I plan on using my white pen collection to add crazy details.
  • 10: Backing from printed scrapbook paper with a variety of bright and light colors listening to Broadway tunes. This is definitely more my style. Had such fun messing with the background using my Artist Loft Academic Level Metallic White and whatever blue was on my recently used dabber. You can really see the brush strokes.  Adding a mixture of greens/teals/blues to the bottom and sunshine yellow for the “globes”. First time using Winsor & Newton Ink for accent. I definitely see happy faces and sparkle dust in it’s future.
  • 5: Thanksgiving Day card with a Southwest color scheme listening to smooth jazz. Copper and gold found their way onto this small 5×7 piece with Terra Cotta, Hazelnut and Phthalo Turquoise. I plan on adding a sentiment to the positive message peaking out from behind the paints.

My art director oversaw the action from on high.




To see the rest of the creative world please visit the lovely Julia at Stamping Ground. Our hostess with the mostess.


Welcome to my WOYWW (What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday). Actually it is Tuesday evening, but I’ve been such a busy girl I just couldn’t wait.

State of my desk after working on this week’s Lifebook 2015 lesson today. Wow. I still have some details to finish off, after all It’s all about the little things. Really pleased with my face (mind you she looks rather hard core to me, would definitely be a survivor on TWD) and the floral stem. I had problems spraying through a stencil and it just looked wrong. So I will be putting together a 3D short fascinator to make me happy. I used some of my gelli plate deli sheets. And had such fun while Newton and Socrates cuddled for the entire time I was playing.

2015-04-07 19.37.50

I was incredibly productive this weekend finishing off a number of WIP. Hope you enjoy them.

The first 3 are Documented Life Project from the last few weeks. An Arizona night sky inspiration, a collage of things I have made myself, and a salty water under the musical bridge watercolor.

Coming into Focus

Coming into Focus

Ride the energy wave of your own unique spirit

Ride the energy wave of your own unique spirit

It's water under the bridge.

It’s water under the bridge.

The next one is from Lifebook. So glad this was our second lesson on feathers. I love drawing them.

Field Journaling Feathers of Hope

Field Journaling Feathers of Hope

And finally my first two practice pieces for the {100} Artists. I will be doing 5.5 x 5.5 mixed media pieces.

1 of {100}

1 of {100}

2 of {100}

2 of {100}

I hope you enjoy the tour. If you are curious about WOYWW follow the link to Julia’s Stamping Ground.  Here you can travel the world, peaking into creative spaces, all while sipping your favorite hot beverage.

Thanks for stopping by. May you have a wonderful day.


Hello out there and welcome to April. No jokes, but lots of fun as we EXPLORE WOYWW (what’s on your workdesk wednesday).  To hop along around the globe check out the lovely Julia’s Stamping Ground site for lots of creativity.

A peak at my desk shows I’m definitely busy in a happy way:

2015-04-01 10.26.24

  • Top 2 items are WIP one for Lifebook (light blue and green for feathers) and the other for DLP (dark moody Payne’s Gray and deep blue for focus Arizona landscape). Started with the backgrounds and planning on tackling them today or tomorrow
  • OWL: bottom left is the Wise Old Owl that I started last week (Lifebook). Really really happy with this. you might not be able to see all of the glitter, but it is definitely there. (close up below)
  • CREATE: from an art journaling workshop I attended on Saturday. Not my usual palette but that okay. Lots of layers including hemp for the stems. Still needs some doodling and the word timeless needs to be there. Second time using crackle paint, still need practice (close up below).
OWL close up

OWL close up

CREATE close up

CREATE close up

Thanks so much for stopping by. Enjoy the hop.


And so begins my creative week. I just finished watching a selection of YouTube videos to help with some of my projects. I love  Vicky Papaioannou and her clips n cuts. Great way to get going with that second cup of coffee.

Two items are front and center today.

  1. On the left is the beginning of my Lifebook lesson on happy painting. I am so very happy with my owl, but she still needs details. Need to tone down the background. And I’m sure there will be more sparkly bits.
  2. On the right is the beginning of The {100} artists a FB challenge group started by Kellee Wynne Conrad to help you practice practice practice.  I will be doing 100 5.5 x 5.5 pieces of Mixed Media art. I’m not sure if there will be any additional parameters, I think it will be reflective of whatever I am working with from my other challenges.
Lifebook Owl

Lifebook Owl & friends

So grab your favorite beverage and hop around the world with Julia’s WOYWW sneak peaks into creative spaces. It is such fun. Thanks for stopping by.


A gracious good morning to you all.

With Newton, my snoopy assistant at the ready, my desk is set to go.

  1. March is for HOPE with Joanne Sharpe’s Artfully Inspired Life. Melissa and Andrew both have St. Patty’s dayish birthdays. Just need to finish lettering.
  2. Two-two-two weeks in one for DLP. Surviving the elements “It’s raining cats and dogs” is now the focal point for doodles and marking for Borderline. Really pleased with how this is turning out.
  3. Box of stuff.  Okay how do I keep things tidy. I have a box, or two, or three,  where I put things at the end of each day. Partially because everything needs a home otherwise Newton is into it, chewing it, or sitting on it. He ended up with a blue glitter tail yesterday. Looks real innocent today, right?
Newton at the ready

Newton at the ready

It's raining cats and dogs

It’s raining cats and dogs close up

For more creative spaces, check out the blog hop at Julia’s Stamping Ground. It is such fun.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a glorious day!

Cincinnati style chili

skyline chili

It is truly a taste sensation available in Cincinnati, northern Kentucky, parts of Indiana and Florida. There’s nothing quite like the real thing,  at our house it is somewhat of a staple. Yummy

“Redolent of warm spices, deeply flavored Cincinnati-style chili, whether prepared two-way (chili over spaghetti), three-way (with cheese), four-way (with onions), or five-way (with a finishing flourish of kidney beans), is an enduring American classic.”  ~ Saveur magazine

Recipe there are many versions, just google it.

Or you can order it online.


Hello my lovely crafters, as you can see I am getting a very late start to my creative week. I have Cincinnati style chili simmering on the stove,  and art supplies sitting on my workdesk.

It has been a wonderful week, including an incredible find. Our local HOA newsletter includes misc for sale items, and last weekend I hit the stampin up jackpot.  I now have a complete line of the classic colored inks, most of which are still in their original wrappers, interesting patterned brayer in mint condition, beautiful cardstock (I have lots of colored paper but as you know paper and cardstock are not the same stuff), and best of all is a 15 drawer mobile storage unit. This means that I now actually have some drawer space in my art space. Hurrah.

2015-03-11 15.58.28

So my desk has a number of WIP items for Lifebook and DLP.  Starting from the left:

  • I have my hearts all in a row, and need to doodle my gratitude marks on it before finishing the fabulous fan in an envelop for Lifebook.
  • I am very happy with my beautiful don’t-know-when-to-stop the layers peacock spread (close up below so you may be able to see the sparkly bits).
  • I am not certain about the Inner/Outer world turquoisy piece at the top. I think I used too much Gesso as you can’t really see what is hiding underneath. I think this will be version 1 and I’ll try this technique again.
  • And to the right there are some doodles on the paper I created while in Oregon a couple of weeks ago. This will be going into some of my Artfully Inspired Lifebook I’m sure.

2015-03-11 15.58.50

Thank you for stopping by, tomorrow morning I will sit down with my second cuppa and stroll through the wonderful world of WOYWW. If you’d like to join me, and sneak a peak at creative spaces around the world, just visit the lovely Julia Dunnit at Stamping Ground. You’ll be glad you did.


WOW even though I have  not been participating since the beginning of the global tour of artful workdesks each Wednesday, this is a very impressive milestone. Congratulations to Julia Dunnit and the crowd at Stamping Ground.

So last week we were in Oregon and I really didn’t have too much time to do art. I did however get a chance to play with Golden High Flow Acrylics without Newton’s paws anywhere around. I experimented with different kinds of paper and had a wonderful time.

Experimenting with High Flow

2015-02-27 14.38.36 2015-02-27 14.34.36 2015-02-27 14.33.08

So today, this is my desk. I am working on the High 5 layers for the Documented Life Project weekly challenge. I have 4 layers, paint, markers, paper bag (with lovely words) and distress spray. Now what to do for the fifth layer. Still waiting for inspiration. What would you add as the next layer?

2015-03-04 14.29.26




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