WOYWW 358/359

Big plans for the next couple of days on my Workspace. Well that was last week and my volunteer activities basically took over my life. So here is where I started and what I finished…

Yes I’m back to participate in WOYWW with the fabulous Julia at Stamping Ground and all of the other creative lovelies around the world.  Today has been full of interruptions (Newton) and distractions (doing laundry) and other mundane activities. So without a lot of fanfare here you go.

My desk (last week)


Catalogs:  I am a librarian after all

special effects

special effects: do you know the difference between Crackle and Crazing?

Embossing prep

Embossing prep: Actually what I was able to achieve today, more for my catalog

Pan Pastel Face

Pan Pastels: so satisfied with my new pan pastels and the final face has been “fixed”

build a longer table

Journal 52: Quote build a longer table rather than a taller fence ideas

Drop of Water

Lifebook: Drop of Water done with yes shaving cream

My desk (this week)

tah dah

tah dah