Hello out there from lovely Ashland oregon. We are only here for a week for festival opening, first time we have been here this early in 20 years. Not much time to craft, but I did have time to shop. Fancy that. So here is my wonderful studio area adjacent to the kitchen.  I love my life.  As you can see I am now equipped with soft body, heavy body, high flow and basic acrylics. All of this will be here when I return in April. I think the paper dolls are going into my travel kit. Tia for visiting.  See more fun spaces at http://www.stamping-ground.blogspot.co.uk

20150224_164157 20150224_111553


Hello out there fellow WOYWW deskers. I continue to be in what appears to be a state of constant chaos. Is that better than a province of  terrible turmoil? They came to super clean our tile and grout today (rather noisy machinery), so I am just now sitting down to the area of my desk. So glad I have been able to squeegee in moments of art over the past couple of days.

2 steps forward 3 steps back

2 steps forward 3 steps back

Every project seems to be in the midst, you can see:

  • a heart: What does my heart look like?
  • a feather: My affirmation feather
  • a bunch of butterflies: words on the left with friends on the right
  • a streak: very colorful seeds of love, first draft with vermilion, cobalt blue, and violet Neo II’s ( i see a second version in my future)
  • a Quote*tionary: ready for new words to inspire me
  • a Simply Simmons brush: or two. ohhhhh ahhhhh for sure.

Next week you will have an opportunity to see the state of my Oregon desk.  That is if you are part of the Julia Dunnit WOYWW blog hop.

Short and sweet and to the point. Have a wonderful day!


After what seems like forever, I’m back and jumping right in to WOYWW (what’s on your workdesk Wednesday) blog hop. (WOYWW you ask? Check out the gang at Stamping Ground for a worldwide tour of creative desks today.)

January was an extremely busy month at Casa Tavi, what with celebrating my 60th birthday in Maui (absolutely fabulous), having the entire interior of our home in AZ painted (while living in residence and corralling cats on a daily basis), getting all the carpets cleaned (they will be back to do the tile) and working on remaining calm while everything around us was in a turmoil. AHHHH to have our house back to “normal”, well almost. Still have to hang pictures, but at least we can walk through the house without doing a serpentine maneuver.

So today I can actually share what is on my desk (stuff and supplies still being reassembled).

2015-02-11 10.33.30

My desk ready for a day of EXPLORING. Still need to do something about the lighting, and I was so glad that I had grabbed my “essential” supplies so that I could continue to be creative during the disruption.

2015-02-11 10.32.53

A closeup of what is planned for today. From the left:

  1. Artfully Inspired Life: finish off January with SPARKS flying. I am waiting on a delivery for my new Parallel Pilot Pens to begin February with PASSION.
  2. Mixing It Up FB group January swap: Tag and ATC received from a new FB friend. I sent off my first Tag and ATC and our lovely coordinator for the month mixed us up. Wow, such love. Getting ready for the February Monthly Challenge, what do you love?
  3. Documented Life Project: Black Gesso. I had started this at the beginning of January and then decided to put it aside. Some of the weeks are already done, and I decided that I don’t have to do everything. More to show next week.
  4. LifeBook: Getting ready to do another amazing lesson with Tam. I think I am ready for the Affirmation Feather. yeah.

It is so great to get back to being able to make something beautiful every day. Cats are adjusting pretty well. Socrates has his “spot” and Newton has less access to plastic chewing attractions. He still lets me know when it is time for dinner starting at 4:25 pm.  Looking forward to hopping around the blogs today and tomorrow. Have a fabulous day!